What is TRIBE?

Our mission is to disrupt the notion of what power and financial strength can look like for women - especially as women age.  We believe in limitless opportunity, continuous mind expansion, raising our standards and becoming even more relevant with age. We believe in ageless joy, freedom, abundance, adventure and the power of community.  We recognize that many of you - like us - are late bloomers, only now hitting your stride in life and becoming more fully who you are meant to be.  TRIBE is our vision of how to learn, grow, form community and gather in amazing places in the world so these connections become more than just online connections, but human to human growth opportunities. Remember, we are not aging; we are evolving!

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We invite you to join TRIBE as you embark on this exciting new chapter in your life. Membership is free and includes:

Early Bird Discount on Online Courses and Coaching Events
Weekly FB Live Coaching
TRIBE Tips Tuesday - Weekly Email
Access to Guided Meditations
Early Notice and Discounts for Retreats for One-on-One Learning and Self Care Indulgence
Facebook Community
A Growing and Supportive Community to Keep You Motivated and Celebrate Successes
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Our Online Courses are designed to stand alone.  But magic happens when you invest in all three....

Weekly FB Live Navigational Coaching Events

Lee will focus on various topics each week, such as self-development and self care as a business owner.  You can listen live or catch the replay available in our Facebook community.

This weekly email shares inspiration on the things we are celebrating, emotions we are experiencing, life events we are exciting about - all to give you fresh perspective and motivation.  We understand that your life is full and time is your most precious commodity.  We promise  to respect your Inbox and limit what we send.

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Our Greatest Wish

Remember, you are not too old, and it is not too late to build a business and grow your money and financial freedom! At TRIBE, we believe we - and our financial capability - are improving with age. We love where we are! And we can't wait to see where we are going. Walking this journey with others who share this idea of an empowered life feels like freedom. We invite you to join us!


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